2015/07/04 13:50 Thomas Hruschka and Wolfgang Stark, “EcoBusiness Plan Vienna:  An Organizational Pattern Language for Networking Sustainability In and Between Companies”, Purplsoc

Presentation at Purplsoc, Thomas Hruschka and Wolfgang Stark, ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien

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At PURPLSOC (Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change) 2015, Danube University Krems, Austria

[Thomas Hruschka]

(See June 2014 presentation on Prezi in English, or a June 2015 presentation on Prezi in German)

Purplsoc: Wolfgang Stark, Thomas Hruschka

Pattern language in business plans

  • Eco Business Plan Vienna started in 1998

After a year, thought should have a strategic process

Goals:  Improvement of environmental situation, better performance of enterprises and industries in Vienna

Partnership between stakeholders, betwen participating enterprises, Vienna and other cities

Focus on Municipal Department on the Environmental Protection

  • Companies can save EUR savings operating costs
  • Measure water, waste, (hazardous, non-hazardous), CO2, energy, transportation
  • Every 4 years, have to go parliament to request subsidies


  • Program management, 2 people
  • Advisory board:  environmental protection, unions, workers
  • Consultants go into companies, we pay them:  environment management schemes, eco labels
  • Companies have to make measures, measure them, and achieve

Companies choose from pool of consultants, who work on the free market (most fees paid by Business Plan)

  • Individual consultants do workshops
  • Validate
  • Database of environmental measures

In number of businesses, of 85,000

Companies are more friendly to eco

Then met Wolfgang

[Wolfgang Stark]

Heard that Eco Business Plan for 15 years, but don’t know why successful

Most of the time, implicit memory, oral history

  • Could try to find out success factors

Series of workshops

  • People from environmental

Decided to develop using pattern language

Started out thinking would introduce idea, and then write patterns

  • Did this for 2 workshops, discovered it’s a very slow process
  • Hard to generate
  • Then maybe more helpful to use the short form card deck
  • Now have 30 to 35 patterns, not quite a language, it’s a pattern card deck
  • In the last workshop, started to play with cards
  • Have had GroupWorks around, and kind of reinvented them
  • Working with card deck, can work with own implicit knowledge, quick to start in innovating new products or services

In next three weeks, will try using these patterns for the strategic process

Maps of patterns in 6 pattern families

  • Roles
  • Consulting
  • Companies

Duckburg (from Donald Duck)

  • Players have all different roles

Clear view:

  • For external consultancy, to avoid operational blindness

Soft, sweet and different

  • Qualitative data not shown by traditional reporting, hard facts as well as soft facts

EBP version 5.0

  • have three thematic modules and three methodic boni

OkoBuisnessPlan Wien 5.0

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