2018/10/27 08:55 Susan Ingham, “Building Beauty: An Innovative Program in Architectural Education”, PUARL Conference

Plenary by #SusanIngham, on behalf of co-presenters in audience at @PUARLuo 2018 Conference.

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Copresenters:  Maggie Moore Alexander, Sergio Porta, Yodan Rofe, Susan Ingham, Christopher Andrews, and Duo Dickinson

[Susan Ingham]

PUARL 2018
Susan Ingham, at PUARL 10th Anniversary Conference


1 year post-graduate certificate, focused on design and building

  • In Sorrento, founded on Christopher Alexander’s theories
  • This happened in Berkeley, but that ended in the late 1990s

Second year starts in a few weeks

Founded on 13 principles

3 areas of study:

  • 1. Construction and Cultivation
  • 2. Self, Community and Space
  • 3. Seminars, including a year-long study on the Nature of Order

The Home Program:  Constant in human race, is making homes that give us joy and make beauty, not just survival

  • U. Hartford, U San Fran self-selected students did a house, juried

Christopher Andrews:  Carpets, Vessels and Tiles

Yodan:  The Sant’Anna Garden Project


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