Western Union and the canton of Ticino, Switzerland

After 90 minutes on phone and online chat with WesternUnion, the existence of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland is denied, so I can’t send money from Canada. TicinoTurismo should be unhappy. The IT developers at Western Union should be dissatisfied that customer support agents aren’t sending them legitimate bug reports

I initially tried the online chat, and was unable to find a way to reach an agent. From Canada, calling into Western Union Customer Care at 1-800-235-0000 only led to a suggestion to call Western Union Switzerland at +32-02-639-7109, that is not a toll-free call. The agent was unable to connect me directly.

Waiting on hold, I then tried the online chat again, and managed to reach an agent. I let the agent on the phone off. After some newbie questions, the online agent asked for a screen capture of the problem page, that I uploaded into the chat window.

After having started the chat session with a clear definition of the problem, the agent denied that this was a server software issue.

Although I offered to send a screen shot of the problem, the agent didn’t seem to want that. I created a screen capture, anyway.

In the end, the agent informed me that I couldn’t have a recipient in Chiasso, Ticino, Switzerland!

After this, the agent stopped responding, and I noticed the countdown timeout approaching.

A complaint from a customer is an opportunity to welcome learning. This is my first time using Western Union, and I’m not impressed.

Chiasso (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkjasso]LombardCiass[ˈtʃas]) is a municipality in the district of Mendrisio in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.