2017/10/20 18:05 Christian Kohls, “Patterns for Creative Space”, Purplsoc

Plenary @chrisimweb #purplsoc Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change http://www.purplsoc.org/conference2017/

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Introduction by Wolfgang Stark

  • Went to EuroPLoP, found people playing games

Wolfgang is a professor at T.U. Koln

  • Ph.D. thesis on psychology of patterns
  • President of Hillside Europe

[Christian Kohls]

Purplsoc Christian Kohls

Started using patterns 15 years ago

Talking about architecture and patterns, amongst an audience of architects

In the last year, have created some of these creative spaces

  • Talk will be about the journey

Why create creative spaces at the campus?

  • Motivation:  we are developing a creative society
  • Industrial society
  • Knowledge workers:  main activity is to solve problems

Cocreation:  creating software products with people

  • Center on human needs
  • Will see more collaboration spaces


  • Enabling
  • Educating
  • Efficient — not wasting ideas, hearing everyone
  • Exciting so people want to go there


  • Piecemeal growth
  • Passion

Pattern mining:

  • Induction from good practices
  • inductive deductive:  analysis of existing problems
  • Deductive:  pure reason

Software pattern community

  • Inductive empiricism
  • Rule of three

But can also do abductive development

  • Can explain and justify good solutions

Kolhs & Panke 2009, pattern mining as an inductive approach

Collaborative spaces

Places to reflect

Storage space

Also some bad(?) examples

Literature reviews on creativity, creative spaces



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