2015/07/03 17:00, “Opening”, Purplsoc

Plenary at Purplsoc, with Peter Baumgartner; a delegate of the Mayor of the City of Krems; Monica Kil; Christian Hanus; Hajo Neis.

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At PURPLSOC (Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change) 2015, Danube University Krems, Austria

Introduction by Richard Sickinger, Department of Architecture, Danube U. Krems

  • Inviting a few people to say a few words

[Peter Baumgartner, Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies, Danube U. Krems]

Purplsoc: Peter Baumgartner

History of the conference

  • Originated 2 years ago
  • Ideas of patterns, there are a lot of disciplines:  computer science, lots of design sciences
  • Should have some unity:  next week, EuroPLoP nearby
  • EuroPLoP working on Christopher Alexander from the 1980s
  • This group would like to do more with the Nature of Order
  • Need both
  • Need scientists, people who use the pattern approach, and a philosophical approach

This university focuses on continuing education, lifelong learning, experiences from what people have done in practices

  • Recognize this knowledge

First approached pattern language with education in Hagen

  • Have been working with software development for many years
  • Christian Kohls was working on computer science coming to e-learning
  • Dina took to first pattern language conference, was a doctoral student
  • Then got in contact with Richard, who is an architect
  • Faculty is education, art and architecture, a mixture
  • Apply pattern language as a method or device, forces a maturation, a strategy in the discussion
  • People in arts department are interested in the pattern approach

Would like to take the pattern approach into society

  • Not only in sciences, but more broadly in society
  • Need to check fundamental sciences
  • Some criticisms of Alexander, could be negative
  • Feel that subjectivity is important, a different type of science, don’t have to leave out human beings

In Alexander’s last book, showed how broken society is, and how difficult it is to get human cooperation

  • Difficult to have this approach, and scientific

[Delegate of Mayor], City of Krems

  • Lord Mayor gave a pattern to use in this talk
  • Warm welcome to Krems
  • This rooms is one of the coolest rooms in town, especially on a hot day

Krems is an old city, earliest dating to 995AD

  • 2000 years early, have found a grave with twins

In year 2000, Krems was added to the UNESCO list, with region

Krems has 25,000 inhabitants, with 50,000 students at 5 universities

  • Has most universities in the world for this size

10 years ago, Krems awarded with highest quality of life in Austria

[Monica Kil, Vice Rector for Academic Teaching, Danube U. Krems]

Pattern language to support life, wholeness

Opportunity to change interaction with the world

3 days at university

Town is a hub for exchanging ideas

[Christian Hanus, Dean, Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture]

Architecture focuses on full life cycle

Christopher Alexander, not only in architecture, cross to other domains

[Hajo Neis, Portland Urban Architecture Research Lab]

Purplsoc: Hajo Neis

PUARL conference started in 2009

Collaborative for Urban Research mission:  urban inclusivity

Talked with Christopher Alexander last in March, he sent a simple message

  • Pleased that people coming from home country, his family was in Vienna
  • Pleased with multiple disciplines

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